Welcome to our giveaway!
Welcome to our giveaway! Each year we collect old computers that people no longer want. We takes these computers and refurbish them and give them a cool paint job. Then in December we give these computers to kids who need them right here in the Fayetteville area. All this is done free.  We started doing this giveaway about 14 years ago on our Fayetteville Freecycle group on yahoo and have done over 500 computers at no cost. We were lucky enough to be featured in the Fayetteville observer as well as several local new stations and even on Yahoo's Earth day! We appreciate each and everyone who helps in making this a great giveaway!
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Thank you First Health for the donation!
Thank you Systel Business Equipment for the Donation!
Fayetteville Free Christmas Giveaway!
Our next giveaway will be for a refurbished desktop painted in a Easter theme and a laptop. We will do the drawing live on our Giveaway facebook page on Easter Sunday April 4th. To enter fill out Entry form below. One entry per family.